One the things I love is to put bring your ideas of a custom helmet to life. Don’t worry to much about the details just give me a general idea. For example, Scotty wanted to have his dog on his helmet, so he sent a picture of his dog.  I added a tiki to the front then worked some ideas and sent him a proof for his approval. Here are the pictures of the proof and the finale product. (he loved it).  

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Ordering a Custom Helmet
Baltazar uses New Daytona Helmets (Not/DOT). In all my years of riding I have found them to be the best quality head gear available. If you prefer, I can add graphics and art to your existing helmet.  

Daytona Helmets Styles

How To Order Your Custom Helmet:
Fill out the Order Information Form Below
(1) Select a helmet Style (or use your own)
(2) Select a size 
(3) Give us a general description of what you had in mind
(4) If you have a picture- Text a pic to 510-207-8574 or email to [email protected]

What Happens Next:
After we receive your email we will call to discuss your ideas and price. Then we will mock your idea and email a picture for your approval.

After Your Approval:
The fun starts; we paint and finish your one of a kind helmet (takes 3-4 weeks)

Your Idea / additional info